Innovation from Top to Bottom

Design concept of YUNMAI mini is to get a more delicate but precise scale, and we made it. It is redesigned from individual parts to the whole structure while maintaining all the powerful functions of YUNMAI Series.

Thinner and Lighter

While keeping its precision, YUNMAI mini is reconfigured to its minimum size, shorter than 1.9cm and less than I Kg.

More Solid Structure

YUNMAI mini is designed to be a complex of light and stability. Just like skyscrapers and cross-sea bridges, it uses the high-strength carbon steel structure to bear up to 250Kg. Hard to imagine? But we make it.

Ultra Endurance of 200+ Days

With power management and integrated circuit voltage control chips, the power management system of YUNMAI mini ensures a more lasting endurance of about 200 days powered by 4 standard AAA batteries.
Endurance of YUNMAI Mini
200 Days
Endurance of common scale
150 Days

Super Performance, 4 times Faster

With Low Power MCU and HY3116 24-bit conversion chip, YUNMAI Mini has a processing resolution of 16 Million, with a much higher precision than those of 12-bit conversion processing unit.
Hardware Performance of YUNMAI Mini
4 times of Reference
Hardware Performance of common scales